Preparing Myself

Although I started my Georgetown course last week, this week I took a break from my focus on this course and continued studying through ASL Deafined. When I started thinking about what to study this week, I decided that it would be more beneficial to study conversation signs than to study through the Georgetown course. I made this decision as we have an upcoming assembly, where I and another student learning ASL, will have the opportunity to show off a small conversation. Since this is my first time showing the skills that I have learned so far, this week, I focused primarily on the “Meet & Greet” section offered by ASL Deafined, so I could be best prepared. Next week, I plan to continue with my online course, but for now, I’m mostly trying to make sure I’m comfortable with basic signing to start a conversation before the assembly!

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  1. Jennifer Garci says:

    Sounds like a great plan!

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