Hey everyone! Just wanted to give one big final update on where I am in my study and my final project.

Tomorrow from 2-3, I will have the amazing opportunity to interview and speak with Susan Cataldo who is the Deaf Services Specialist at our NCDHHS! I’ve been preparing for this meeting since I first reached out in April, and we were finally able to coordinate a time and an interpreter, so I’m super excited for this!

Then, this coming Friday, I was also fortunately able to organize a meeting with Ms. Hayward, our, as far as I know, only hard of hearing faculty member here at DA. Ms. Hayward and I have been trying to coordinate a time to meet since the very beginning of my study, and it’s great to be able to talk with her as it is now coming to a close!

As for my final project (an infographic and short video presentation), I have successfully finished work on the infographic itself, and I am beginning work on perfecting the signing needed for the presentation aspect of this project. If everything goes according to plan, I’m hoping to have this final project done and perfected by the beginning of next week, so keep an eye out for both a digital copy of my infographic here on my blog, and a physical copy in the World Language Office if you happen to stop by!

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  1. Jennifer Garci says:

    Way to go, Will! The culmination of all of your hard work and dedication is impressive.

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