Beginning my Final Project

With only about a month left until final projects, I decided to dedicate most of my time this week towards organizing, planning, and ultimately beginning work on my final project. Since creating my proposal, I’ve had tons of ideas swirling around about how I truly wanted to demonstrate the time I spent on this independent study. So far, I’ve considered:

  1. A presentation to cover in detail everything I studied for the entire semester and my progress in learning ASL
  2. A course guide (i.e. A written way to provide those interested in ASL with a brief overview of my experience so they don’t have to, as Ms. Garci would say, “invent the wheel” themselves)
  3. An infographic detailing the important discoveries of my study as well as some of my future hopes for ASL at DA

Because the format of my final project is definitely still in the works, I’ll make sure to keep you all updated as I decide – so keep an eye out!

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